Welcome to AnonSteem

Using AnonSteem you can purchase accounts for use on the Steem Network, including Steemit, DTube, Busy etc.

There are no functional differences between accounts created through Steemit.com and AnonSteem, the only key differences are that accounts made through AnonSteem can only be recovered by us, and creating an account via Steemit.com is much slower due to the verification process.

Current account price: $3 USD

AnonSteem has a Hive version!

Did you know? AnonSteem has a Hive version too - check out BeeAnon.com - Create anonymous Hive accounts instantly!

Bitcoin 2 USD surcharge

Please be aware that paying in Bitcoin will incur a $2 surcharge. This is due to the extremely high fees we have to pay when emptying our hot wallet due to the amount of small transactions. We recommend you pay with STEEM or Litecoin instead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who runs AnonSteem?

AnonSteem is owned, developed, and operated by @someguy123 - a highly reputable developer, and voted by the community to be a top 20 witness on the Steem network.

How much Steem Power do I get?

At the current moment, we delegate 3 SP to you after we've created your account, and take it back after 30 days. This is enough to get you started, as you'll earn more SP from posting, voting, and commenting.

Why do you charge for accounts? Steemit gives them away for free!

Every time an account is created on the blockchain, someone has to pay for it. Steemit is ran by a company called Steemit, Inc. which has a massive amount of funds for creating accounts, because they launched the network. But because it costs them, they have to perform email verification, phone verification, and there's often a long wait to get the account.

By paying for your account upfront, we create your account INSTANTLY. No waiting weeks for verification.

Steemit also operates a one account creation per person policy, meaning that you will not be allowed to register a second account for free if you already have one.

Is it allowed to use third party account creation, or to have multiple accounts?

Steem is a blockchain, which means anyone is able to create accounts, assuming they have at least one account that exists on the blockchain. It isn't "against the rules" to have multiple accounts, or to use third party account creation services. Steemit actually encourages it on their sign-up page.

What happens if my account is hacked?

We have a page which details the recovery process. Click here to read about it.

What if I lose my password?

Just like with Steemit, there's nothing we can do to help you, unless you have a previous password for the account.

If you have a previous password, it may be possible to recover the account.